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  • Prepare the holes in the wall in such a way that the free rear sill, assuming groove in the wall approx. 3 – 8 cm. to one side.
  • Secure the sill assembly from damage, but after installation, remove all the so-called. Adhesive security, ie. example. masking tapes
  • Check that the sill is mounted in the holes.
  • At the edge of the sill adjacent to the window, apply a thin layer of silicone to seal. Use silicone in a color matching the sill and window or colorless.
  • Suggest to the window sill, so that its edge embedded in the window prepared for this purpose on the frame rabbet or to depth. 1cm while applying a slight decrease (octane bromide 1%) in order to avoid the persistence of moisture towards the interior of (see figure below).



  • Reinforce the sill by wyklinowanie from the bottom and top. Depending on the length of the sill use wedges from the bottom and punches from the top, and as the length of the sill use a larger number of wedges and stamps
  • Before filling in the low-pressure polyurethane foam only be aware of the possible re-freezing of all painted surfaces prior to lug low-pressure foam.
  • After curing of the foam to remove all bosses and finishing holes in the wall.

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Manufacturer provides one year warranty on the window sills.

  • The warranty period starts from the date of issue of proof of sale.
  • Each sill requirements before installing checked for dimensions, mechanical damage, ie visible defects. Scratches, voids, paint or veneer. When installing window sills with visual producer does not take into account the claims, and the window sills are excluded from the complaint procedure.
  • Window sills are painted and veneered wysokogatunkowymi wood-based products. Therefore, like other products of this kind, they react to extreme climate change.
  • Sills should be installed in a dry place, after the work is completed masonry-plastering.
  • Do not install interior window sills without prior installation window sills, as well as non-heated indoor and outdoor use.
  • Immediately after installation in rooms heated, reduce the heat to a minimum for a period of about 20 days for acclimatization sills
  • Damage caused by improper window sills independent assembly and moisture does not constitute grounds for complaint.
  • Please note that the expanded foam low pressure combined with the structure of the sill, causing permanent damage to the surface. Therefore, prior to installation should be protected all the visible edges of the tape or foil
  • The varied colors and color change (darkening) due to sunlight are natural characteristics of wood and are not subject to the complaint.
  • Sills should cultivate dry or slightly damp cloth.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or abrasive powders / liquids
  • Persistent exposure window sills and other wood products to water or high humidity (eg. Leaking water from the pots) can lead to irreversible damage.
  • To avoid scratches at all kinds of pots, coasters and so on. Should stick protective felts
  • Note, sills cutting of their own causes damage to the outer shell and the loss of water-resistive properties by which a loss of warranty.
  • Warranty card without date, stamps, signatures and proof of purchase is not valid.