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We make furniture for the whole house. Custom-made furnishings from the highest quality materials so that our furniture will serve for years.

Meble kuchenne

Kitchen furniture designed perfectly to size. Modern, classic or stylish. Our furniture is made from the highest quality materials and assembled fill every space in your kitchen while maintaining the style and decor. These are the kitchens modern, traditional and English style. Designed by our kitchens are ergonomically designed and well made that meet the latest trends in contemporary kitchen design. Our furniture is a choice that meets the requirements of style and quality for many years. The project also will do the kitchen, wooden window sills that are consistent with the whole interior.

Meble biurowe

Office furniture PABLO perfect for your office. The furniture is made from the finest materials. In this paper we spend as much time as in the office. Furniture should be practical and made with the highest care.

Meble łazienkowe

The bathroom is a special place at home, the place where we should feel comfortable. The bathroom should be pleasing to the eye, and only carefully chosen furniture that will make functional and aesthetic. Suitable ordered cosmetics, utensils and chemistry will give us the comfort of everyday usage. We make bathroom furniture in different styles, sizes adapt to the interior. We use materials and accessories of the highest quality, so that our furniture will serve you for many years.

Zabudowy wnęk i garderoby

Walk-in closet in the apartment should be carefully planned. Shelves, hangers, drawers should be placed on practical locations.

We make furniture to clothing to size, so as to fill any space.

Schody drewniane

Our wooden stairs is a unique project designed with the customer’s individual taste. Frequently stairs are made of solid oak or pine.